“When I misbehave in Las Vegas I know Norm will report it, but he’s always fair. Or maybe he’s just jealous.”— Hugh Hefner

July 8, 2017 was officially declared "Norm Clarke Day" in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Media Battle News Blackout On Shooting Story -- With Scoops

Dirk Smillie, Forbes- Nov. 3, 2017

Famed writer Norm Clarke has always made us proud

NewsPress.com- May 20, 2017

What happens in Vegas, Norm Clarke knows.

Columbia Journalism Review- March 19, 2017

The Strip's fearless guru of gossip.

LA Times- November 23, 2008

Norm Clarke’s career was ‘an ongoing love letter’ to Las Vegas

Rachel Crosby Las Vegas Review-Journal July 27, 2016

Denver Press Club

2015 Damon Runyon Award Winner

The Most Dangerous Job In Vegas

Dirk Smillie, Forbes- March 1, 2010