The Brad Pitt Of Mini Pinschers Wants To Be Your Main Squeeze!

How's it going ladies... My name is Jax and I'm looking to sweep you off your feet!

If you're looking for a long time commitment with a faithfully devoted Casanova look no further. I am a friendly little gentleman that prefers the company of women and can be very choosey when it comes to interactions with men.

I just find a woman's touch more trusting but if they are top notch and treat you like the queen that you are I'm sure we will all get along just fine. I have done well with other little doggies of both genders and I enjoy the company of children.

Let me be your leading man and adopt me today!

(male - 3yrs - Miniature Pinscher mix)

If you would like to contribute to the care and well being of Luke and Jojo along with our other animals please click here to donate:


Nevada SPCA 4800 W Dewey Drive Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-873-SPCA - shelter

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