Some of the best takes from the Internet on the Game 5 clock malfunction and Alex Ovechkin’s all-in season:  

“The city that had no clocks in the casinos has a broken clock in final minute of Stanley Cup.” – Former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy.

“Can you imagine the conspiracy theories if the #VegasGoldenKnights has scored after that clock malfunction?” -- @cryinhayward  

“Turning off the clock during a Stanley Cup final sounds like a weak premise for another movie in the Oceans 11 franchise, but what do I know.” -- @Holly_Holl

“Vegas is Stalin the clock to prevent Ovechkin and his teammates from Russian to the ice in victory. The NHL won’t be Putin up with that.” -- @Maskulinski

“Russian made clock tied to #Stanley Cup. Collusion.” -- @ddyjoeboyle

OVECHKIN ANSWERED THE BELL: “That was cemented last summer when coach Barry Trotz met with Ovechkin in Russia after the player's wedding. The coach pointed out his game would have to change even more, he would have to train differently and work differently after a 2016-17 season when he scored 33 goals after clearing 50 the three previous seasons. "So what does he do?" Trotz said. "He comes into the start of the season and gets seven goals in [the first] two games. There's guys in this league that can't get seven goals in a year, and he got seven in two games. So he sort of set the bar personally because a lot of things were said about him that I think he is very prideful and he just said, 'You know what? I'm going to prove you all wrong.' And he did."

JAGR ON OVIE: “I didn't see many games, but what I saw the last three games (Ovechkin) played the best I saw him play in the last 10 years for sure. He got better.” – Jaromir Jagr told




“Ovechkin Knocks Out Rest Of Teeth While Kissing Stanley Cup”—The Onion.

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