Beautiful PitBull Terrier Girl ( 1 year)


I am Rain. I am just a year old looking for my forever family. 

I am a sweet loving girl who wants to be able to show her love to a new family. 

I like to cuddle, watch TV, and play. Annnnnd I have to admit that I can get pretty protective of my toys. It's just that most of my life (all 1 year of it) I never had toys of my own or anyone to really play with.  Now that I know all the joy they bring I have a hard time sharing them with other dogs. I hope that someday I will be better at sharing but I will need your help. 

I would prefer to be the only fur baby in the House, but if you have any others please bring them To meet me. 

Even though I may get along with other dogs, please Keep our play time with toys separate. 

I can't wait to meet you and be apart of your family <3

Please adopt today!


Joanne DowneyComment