Beautiful Girl Wants To Ride Side By Side With You! (female - 7yrs)

Greetings! My name is Sally and if you adopt me today I promise to love you for ever and ever! All I wanna do is ride around town and I know one of these mornin's I'm gonna be wiping my weeping eyes when you come strollin' through thses doors to take me home!

I am a very sweet gal, I'm just really shy and like to take my time getting to know you. I love gentle acts of affection, going on walks and being by the side of those I love.

If you already have other four legged family members please bring them on down to meet me in person. I'd love to be part of your family especially if your children are mature and gentle.

Roll on up in ya' Mustang and take this Sally home!

(female - 7yrs - german shepherd mix)

Norm ClarkeComment