These Love Doves Will Bring You A Whole Lotta Love! 
Howdy folks! My name is Kenny (right) and this here is my main squeeze Flutter (left)!

We are a dedicated and devoted duo that came to the Nevada SPCA from another shelter. We were so relieved to find out that the staff here is committed to keeping us together and have assured us that we will find an amazing home where we never have to be worry about being separated again!

I don't mind saying that I am a bit more outgoing compared to my girl Flutter. She tends to be more shy and reserved but she knows I always have her back and with me by her side she can put her nervs to rest. We have done well here with other little doggies so please bring in your existing canines to meet us in person.

We would love to be able to kick back and relax so it would be most ideal that if there are children in the home that they are older, mature and gentle.

Don't miss this package deal and adopt us both today!

(female - 6yrs - Chihuahua  mix)

(male - 4yrs - Pug/Chihuahua mix)


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