Forever Devoted To Each Other Through Thick And Thin - Show These Seniors Some Love! (female - 8yrs, male - 10yrs)
Time to roll out the Royal Red Carpet people! My name is Princess (left) and this here is the king of my heart, Prince Pugsley (right)!

We are two adorably bonded soulmates that came to be at the Nevada SPCA when our previous humans could no longer provide the life that they know we so rightfully deserve. We love to snuggle and I am always keeping track of Prince Pugsley as he has a neurological disorder that causes him to be a bit unstable on his feet. He can walk no problem but can topple over easily so it would be very important that our special someone takes precautions around pools, stairs and ledges for example.

We have done well with other small doggies here so please bring your existing canines in to meet us in person. It would be best that if there are children in the home that they be older and very mature.

Make our dreams come true and adopt us today!

(female - left - 8yrs - chiweenie mix)

(male - right - 10yrs pug/chihuahua mix)

If you would like to contribute to the care and well being of Princess and Prince Pugsley along with our and our other animals please click here: 

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