Loving Fella Wants To Go Home With You! (male - 6yrs)

Sweet sassafrass! My name is Skitie but you can call me Skittles, Skittely-Doo, or whatever you'd like as long as you call me ADOPTED!

I'm a sweet little fella looking for my forever home! I just can't get enough of gentle acts of affection, going on inquisitive walks and snugglin' up to read a good book or catch up on our favortie shows. Nothing would make me happier than to know I'll be loved all my days!

I have done well with other little furry friends here so please bring down any doggies you may already have to meet me in person.

I'd love for any children in the home to be mature and have a kind and gentle way about them.

Adopt me today and let the love fest begin!

(male - 6yrs - chihuahua mix)