Millie aka “The Princess” Radiant Redhead Has A Fire In Her Soul To Be Your One And Only! 

Greetings and good day all you kind and beautiful people! Many know me by my stage name, Millie, but to those closest to me, I am known as (drum roll please) “The Princess". And deservedly so, if I do say so myself! I tell you this so you don't take it personally if I don't gush all over you right off the bat, its just that I like to take my time, and make sure that you are worthy of my affection, fairly typical behavior from royalty I assure you.

I came to the Nevada SPCA sometime ago when my previous human could no longer care for me, and I have been working ever so hard ever since to make sure nothing stands between me and finding my forever home.

I keep my mind sharp and my physique on point. I love to play ball and toss around my assortment of toys but getting out and going on long walks and running is truly my favorite. Well... maybe playing in the water and splashing around in my wadding pool is, it’s a tough call but either way, I'm a big fan of all things active!

I go to training for agility and manners and they ALL rave about how smart I am, so much so, that I like to challenge my fellow humans just to keep them on their toes. Take for example, I'm renowned for my tug of war skills, so sometimes, I'll act like my leash is in play and will mouth at it just to see if the powers that be will correct me.

But in all honesty, I really only play such charades when I feel like I’ve got a lot of pent up energy or when first coming out of my kennel. Of which, let me tell you, I am MOST looking forward to putting in my rear view.

Kennel life is just NOT for me. A vibrate gal like myself can't be expected to be confined; there's a whole world out there for me to experience!

I believe in my heart that someday (paws crossed sooner vs later hint hint) my special someone, who will be PATIENT and EXPERIENCED and COMMITTED to my success thru continued training along with the love I need to be the best doggie I can be, will walk thru those doors, get to know me, and say, "Yes! I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart!” Ohhhhh what a glorious day it will be! I can see it now!

I appreciate that we are all a work in progress, and that life is ever changing, so there may come a time when I am comfortable and secure enough to share my special person with another animal but I feel it would be in the best interest of my evolution to be the ONLY DOGGIE in the home within an ADULT-ONLY environment.

Give me the life I have dreamed of and strive for and adopt me today!

(female - 5yrs - pit bull terrier mix)

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