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My name is Street and when I first came to the Nevada SPCA I was heavily matted and very shy. I try not to dwell on the past so I've been pretty tight lipped as to what I may have endured before coming to the shelter. The staff here feels that I may have been neglected or may have been fending for myself for quite some time which may explain why I am so reserved when first meeting new people.

But rest assured, I have been warming up quite nicely! The staff is so happy to know I am a sweet sweet boy at heart who would love to let his guard down and show his friendly side! I have gotten along well here with other small doggies so please bring your existing furry friends down to meet me in person.

In order for me to have the best opportunity to improve on my social skills it would be best that any children in the home be much older and very mature.

Show me love and patience and I'll show you a companion you can always count on!

(male - 5yrs - lhasa apso mix)

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