Show This Gal Some TLC! (female - 8yrs)
I am putting a call out to all caring and patient people - my name is Monique and I still learning what it is to be loved.

I came to the Nevada SPCA from another shelter and in desperate need of TLC. I was scared but the staff was determined to shave what they could and give me some relief from my overgrown and matted coat. I am very sensitive of my back and rear end area and my defense mechanism is to nip.

I know that my special someone will take the time for me to feel comfortable as I am very weary of strangers. I dream of a time when I will have very own home to rest my head at night.

I have gotten along well with other little doggies here so I would love to meet them in person.

I know it will take time for me to adjust to unconditional love and home living so it would be best that if there are children in the home that they be much older and very mature.

Make my dreams come true and adopt me today!

(female - 8yrs - poodle mix)